Thursday, 16 July 2009

Testing for the second time

Testing for the second time.

Testing pinging Google, Yahoo and Msn

This is just for testing, this is just for testing.


2 Easy Steps To Conversational Hypnosis

2 Easy Steps To Conversational Hypnosis.

Typically, hypnosis is utilised as a means to aid an individual overcome stress, anxiety, deal with a certain habit or to even overcome minor ailments. By and large, hypnosis is performed in a quiet environment and in the presence of a qualified hypnotherapist. Basically, hypnosis is a way to relax the mind and at the same time preventing the everyday distractions in the effort to open the mind to suggestion. There are several types of hypnosis like covert hypnosis that we'll be addressing in this article.

Conversational hypnosis differs from conventional hypnosis in that it is used to communicate with an individual on a subconscious level without putting them under. This type of hypnosis is performed without the individual knowing that you are actually trying to do it. This form of hypnosis has many reasons behind it but what its main premise is having the ability to command someone's ability to control their own mind and get them into thinking or feeling in a behaviour that suits you. The best example of this is a car sales person. This type of salesperson and some others have mastered this technique to close the deal and make the person feel good about it.

Conversational hypnosis can be executed in two basic phases. In the first one, you need to build trust or rapport with the individual of your focus. Building trust helps put the person’s mind at ease and opens it up for suggestion. This is not as easy as one may assume. To do this successfully, one needs to come down to the person's level. Agreeing consistently and invariably to their every comments or thoughts.

By and large, this is the most striking difference with conventional hypnosis. In conversational hypnosis the individual being hypnotised remains unaware of the process, whereas in traditional hypnosis, the individual being hypnotised gives express consent to the hypnosis being carried out.

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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Conversational Hypnosis

It is not uncommon to notice how certain individuals have the ability to influence others easily. What is not always noticeable, though, is that they are using a special technique known as conversational hypnosis. By using conversational hypnosis, people can take over a conversation in such a way that they lead someone along and manipulate their ability to process thoughts, that is, to discern. This phenomenon occurs somewhat naturally in certain individuals, hence their ability to seemingly manipulate a person by way of conversation.

Conversational hypnosis is also known as covert hypnosis. The reason being the individual that is being led along is oblivious that he/she is being hypnotized. In some instances, a person does become aware that the individual they are speaking with is trying to gain access to their minds with covert techniques and thus becomes non-effective. If you can take advantage of this technique, however, it could be used as a powerful instrument for influencing others in business, and both your personal and love life.

Conversational hypnosis involves some basic steps that need to be taken prior to the procedure commencing. First we need to be aware that it is almost impossible to utilize this practice on someone you just met unless you get them to really get to know you first. This usually means building rapport and is the first step in this process and helps you to build trust with the individual. This does not necessarily mean that you have to know someone for months or years though. If you can connect with an individual mentally, they will begin to build up trust on their own. There are several ways in which this can be achieved.

One of the easiest ways to develop a rapport with someone is to be a good listener and be agreeable with them. One can do this subtly by letting them understand that you agree with everything they are saying. This has to be innate as to not raise any suspicions and spoil your cover. A good example of this could be if the person you are having a conversation with mentions that they do not like laptop computers. You can easily get on the same wave with them by agreeing that, indeed, laptop computers are not something you find particularly appealing.

The second phase of the conversational hypnosis practice is where you actually start to manipulate the person you are speaking with. This can be done by either gently push them or gently guiding them in the direction you want them to go. If you have done phase one successfully, the individual will be more willing to allow you to lead them in the direction that suits you. Interestingly, people who are in sales have developed this technique because it is a very effective way of landing a sale from a cold lead. Once you become proficient with this technique for yourself, you will be amazed at how you can have people literally obeying your every command.

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